Southern Soap Company Laundry Soap

Laundry Soap


Laundry Soap: The Southern Soap Company offers a laundry soap for you and your family. This laundry soap produces minimal suds which is generally ideal for High Efficiency washers. Non-toxic and biodegradable.

Directions for use: Use 1 Tablespoons per load. Use 2 Tablespoons if heavily soiled. Softeners are not recommended or needed. Test for color fastness.

Net weight 3lb 3oz
102 loads

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Product Description

The man-made chemicals and detergents that you wash clothes in can still be absorbed through your skin and cause various irritations. Our natural detergent eliminates the possibility of transferring these chemicals from clothes to your skin because it contains none.

Ingredients: saponified coconut, sodium tetraborate, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, glycerin, fragrance or essential oil.

Laundry Soap Scents

Unscented: Laundry soap that is completely free of fragrance in order to meet the needs of those customers with even the most sensitive skin.

Fresh Linen: This lightly fragranced laundry soap gives clothes that “fresh off the clothesline” smell.

Lavender: This timeless classic is like walking through a meadow of lavender. For the true lavender fan, this pure essential oil will far exceed all expectations.