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Fill any room with the warm glow and rich aroma using our natural soy candles.

We use all natural soy wax instead of petroleum based paraffin for several reasons. Soy is a renewable resource, biodegradable, petroleum free, and it burns cleaner and longer than paraffin. Choose between the black mason jar or the tall and skinny glass container.

40+ hours of burn time

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Product Description

Candle Scents

Blessings: This is a new Fall fragrance that is rich with a touch of sweet.  Pumpkin and warm vanilla will have you ready for Fall!

Southern Charm: Sweet vanilla notes will have you in the mood for sugar cookies and hot cocoa.

Lemongrass: This pure essential oil offers a bright citrus smell that remains a favorite.

Southern Sunrise: The crisp notes of bergamot blend perfectly with a lemon-orange marmalade and supporting notes of tea to give off a fresh positive scent

Lavender: This timeless classic is like walking through a meadow of lavender. If you are a true lavender fan, this pure essential oil will far exceed all your expectations.

Frasier Fir: Always a favorite especially for the holidays! A robust candle that is just like having a Christmas tree in your home.

Figgy Pudding: Indulge in the aroma of wild fruits and berries balances with creamy middle notes.

Mistletoe: The woody scents of mistletoe and pine create this holiday favorite.

Grapefruit: This fragrance is nicely balanced and provides the unmistakable aroma of fresh grapefruit.

Carolina Coast: Like a warm coastal breeze with mellow notes of lemongrass and chamomile.  A perfect fragrance all year long.

Apricot: This lightly sweetened scent is wonderfully fruity and refreshing.

Water Lily: A fresh and breezy fragrance that is a must have for the floral enthusiast.

Black Tie: This is a wonderful blend of rich vanilla, sandlewood, and oak that finishes with a seductive hint of spice

Lovely: Lose yourself in this intoxicating blend of rosewood and lavender

The Sandbar: Welcome the warm months with this powerful blend of coconut and lemongrass.

Carrigan Farms: A wonderfully fruity blend of watermellon, apple and grapefruit.

Altapass: True to it’s namesake, this fragrance really delivers the fragrance of a high mountain apple orchard.


Additional Scents

Lavender Mint
Lemongrass Mint
Sweet Grass
Forever September
Long Leaf Pine
Georgia Pine
Front Porch

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Mason Jar with Black Lid, Tall and Skinny Glass


Bluegrass, Charleston, Citronella, Estate, Forever September, Front Porch, Lavender and Mint, Lemongrass and Mint, Pretty, Sweet Grass, Gardenia, Lavender Mint, Apricot, Lovely, Water Lily, The Sandbar, Altapass, Carrigan Farms, Black Tie, Japanese Grapefruit, Fresh Linen, Mulling Spice, Grapefruit, Mistletoe, Figgy Pudding, Frasier Fir, Blue Ridge, Lavender, Lemongrass, Carolina Coast, Southern Sunrise